About Gallagher Pediatric Therapy

Mission Statement

Since its founding 30 years ago, Gallagher Pediatric Therapy has always been “all about the children.”  We do this by creating opportunities for children to master developmental tasks, increase performance capacity and achieve independence in their community.

therapist working with child

Therapist Mentoring

We also do this by using a therapist mentoring system that is second to none which continues to develop the finest pediatric therapy staff in Southern California through its demonstrated excellence in clinical and school-based practice. We have done this for just one reason. Because as it has always been and always will be its… “all about the children.”

Gallagher Pediatric Therapy’s History


Mary Kay Gallagher first established the pediatric therapy staffing agency called Gallagher Pediatric Therapy (“GPT”) in 1988 as a part-time venture while she was working as an occupational therapist at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.


Although it started as a part-time venture, GPT steadily grew and in 1991 Mary Kay left Children’s Hospital to work full-time at GPT.  In 1992, no longer able to handle her therapy case load alone, Mary Kay hired additional therapists to help provide therapy to the staffing agencies growing case load.


In 1994 as more therapists were hired, the business was incorporated as “Therapy for Kids, Inc.” and it continued to keep “Gallagher Pediatric Therapy” as its DBA.

1996 - 2001

By 1996, the GPT pediatric therapy staffing agency had grown to 8 employees, and by 2001, it had grown to over 50 employees.


Today, GPT employs over 100 therapists. It is one of the largest and most respected pediatric physical and occupational therapy staffing agencies in Southern California. It provides therapy services to over 5,000 children.

30 SOCal School Districts

Ninety percent of GPT’s business is with southern California school districts where it provides educationally based physical and occupational therapy staffing needs. It contracts with over 30 school districts in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

Our Reputation...


Former Employee - Occupational Therapist

via Glassdoor.com

Great company culture. Now, after working at 2 other pediatric settings, I look back in great appreciation and admiration at the culture created by Mary Kay and her leadership staff. Fantastic training for new staff... Interactions with coworkers were great opportunities for learning and fun. A month off in the summer. Mary Kay Gallagher is a gem.

Current Employee

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I have enjoyed working for this company. They provide great ongoing mentorship and everyone is willing to help one another. My boss is amazing and really tries to get to know each and every employee that she has. You won't regret working for Gallagher Pediatric Therapy.Cur

Andre Siu

via Google

Perfect for little kids whether normal or disabled. I went there when I was in 1st grade both when I went to Grazide for the entire January of 2010..