Inservice Day Education

We Have Strong Therapist Mentoring and Professional Development

We have a strong therapist mentoring and professional development system that is second to none which continues to develop the finest pediatric educationally-based therapy staff in Southern California through its demonstrated excellence in school-based therapy.

The mentoring at GPT starts with “Club Gallagher” where each new therapist is taught the basics of what it takes to be a great therapist for the children. Then, new therapists are assigned a supervisor who is an experienced educationally based pediatric therapist who on average has more than five years of pediatric therapy experience. Many of our supervisors at GPT have 15 to 25 years of educationally based pediatric therapy experience.

The new therapist meets his or her supervisor weekly, or more often if needed. Supervisors are used to help guide each therapist through all aspects of his or her job with therapy strategies, problem solving and report writing.

Supervision, mentoring and development does not end once a new therapist has his or her “feet on the ground”, but continues throughout each therapist’s GPT career.


GPT also has team meetings where therapists, working at given school districts, meet to discuss therapy situations in that school district and collaborate to problem solve therapy and/or non-therapy issues.

Additionally, there are regular quarterly in-house in-services where continuing education topics are presented. These in-services qualify for Professional Development Units (“PDUs”) that can be applied to for licensing requirements. These in-services are yet another vehicle for mentoring and development at GPT.

We have a strong mentoring and development program for just one reason. Because as it has always been, and always will be…. “all about the children.”